About Us

We are a startup dedicated to discovering and launching solutions to the problem of renewable and sustainable shipping.  We believe that this is the future that the industry and our world needs. While we are starting small scale with an offering aimed at companies specifically interested in presenting an environmentally aware image, our long term goal is to truly revolutionise a conservative industry and help move it towards the renewable energy future.


Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant

Seraphina comes from a long line of seafarers, and has been sailing for many years. She embarked on sailing full-time relatively recently on the historic UK trawler Excelsior, which currently operates as a sail training vessel. Prior to her life on the sea, Seraphina worked at Google as a Product Manager, helping transform a small adtech startup that had recently been acquired into a multi-billion dollar business.


SARah de Haas

Sarah has worked in technology and advertising for many years, from helping grow small start-ups in London to project-managing a global team at Google. Having moved from California to the UK in order to gain a MPhil at the University of Oxford, she now sails in the UK and Europe and is dedicated to finding business solutions that both leverage and preserve natural resources.