The Coriolis Trading Company provides sustainable, zero-carbon sea transport. 


Our Mission

The shipping industry needs to cut back on carbon output severely to meet upcoming air pollution and maximum 2˚C warming regulations, and on fuel use as fuel becomes more expensive. Container ships steam slower to conserve fuel and pollute less, and consumers become more aware of the carbon impact of their purchases. This creates an environment where shipping under sail can be competitive for brand conscious consumer goods along routes with reliable winds. 


“The future is green shipping: efficient marine transport with minimal health and ecological damage.”

— Zheng Wan, Mo Zhu, Shun Chen, and Daniel Sperling, Pollution: Three Steps to a Green Shipping Industry, Nature VOL 530, February 2016


Our Idea


Right now there are a few cargo-under-sail initiatives, but they are either tiny (half a percent of a normal freighter by net tonnage), boutique, and romantic, or are a virtual model of something a freight company might test in 2040.

We want to explore the unexploited middle ground - small to medium size freight ships operating under sail - a hundred times the size of current sailing ships.


shipping emissions will rise


by 2020, according to the IMO



The SULphur that Automobile Diesel DOes



Largest containerships jointly emit as much sulphur as all the cars in the world


At the Coriolis Trading Company, we believe that change is coming to the global shipping industry, and we want to help push that change forward. Find out how you can become a part of our mission.

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